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Leonard Fournette stars with 127 yards as Tom Brady adds a late touchdown while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take out the Dallas Cowboys; Dak Prescott suffered a hand injury of late, which owner Jerry Jones said would leave him “weeks”

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Highlights of the Tampa Bay Pirates against the Dallas Cowboys from week one of the NFL season

Highlights of the Tampa Bay Pirates against the Dallas Cowboys from week one of the NFL season

Leonard Fournette rushed for 127 yards as Tom Brady and Julio Jones’ newfound connection blossomed as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the Dallas Cowboys 19-3 in the opening game of the NFL season, with the hosts’ evening exacerbated by an injury to quarterback Dak Prescott.

game story

The Cowboys and Bucs had the top two offenses in the NFL last season, which began with Tampa Bay’s 31-29 home win over Dallas when Brady and Prescott combined for seven assists. Only one crime appeared this time.

Dallas led 54 yards to a field goal on first possession, but did not score again while finishing with the second-lowest number of points in the opener.

Julio Jones earned 48 yards on All-Pro’s Tampa Bay debut to put in one of four first-half field goals from Ryan Succop, who had five attempts before the break without a kick from the Bucs.

Tom Brady threw during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win against the Dallas Cowboys

Tom Brady threw during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win against the Dallas Cowboys

Brady, who improved to 7-0 against the Cowboys, was 18 of 27 for 212 yards with a touchdown and interception that didn’t quite live up to that because Prescott and receiver Noah Brown couldn’t connect to an easy throw from third place near midfield early in the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys did nothing to assuage questions about the receiving group behind CeeDee Lamb, the third-year player who was the new first target after Amari Cooper’s overseas trade.

Lamb had two catches for 29 yards while attracting the most attention. Noah Brown had five catches for 68 yards, while Prescott finished 14 of 29 for 134 yards with an interception placing one of his first-half field goals.

The gap in receiving depth was evident, with both Evans and Chris Goodwin getting at least 20 yards in the first quarter before Goodwin had to leave with a hamstring injury.

The Cowboys only stayed close in the first half due to two bags of possession by NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons. Both forced field goals, and Succop missed one attempt.

Mike Evans (centre) and Julio Jones (right) celebrate a late landing

Mike Evans (centre) and Julio Jones (right) celebrate a late landing

Devin White had a Parsons match with Kessen of Prescott as the Cowboys lost to Buck at home for only the second time while head coach Mike McCarthy dropped to 0-3 in the opener with Dallas.

The Bowles are 1-0 with the Bucs after taking over when Bruce Arians retired and moved to the front office.

Fournette had 40 from 79 yards on the drive which ended with Brady’s five-yard pass to Evans for a 19-3 lead.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the match that Prescott needed surgery for a fracture near his thumb in his hand, and would be out for several weeks, a season-changing blow to the defending NFC East Champions.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a hand injury of late

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a hand injury of late

A rough night for Prescott worsened after his right hand hit a defender when he threw in a pass in the fourth quarter. He was checked on the sideline before running into the locker room.

The latest injury came nearly two years after a compound fracture of Prescott’s right ankle on the same field, a horrific injury that ended the 2020 season in week five.

Statistics leaders


  • Passing: Tom Brady, 18/27, 212 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
  • Rushing: Leonard Fournette, 21 carries, 127 yards
  • Receiving: Mike Evans, 5 grabs, 71 yards, 1 TD


  • Passing: Dak Prescott, 14/29, 134 yards, 1 IQ
  • Rushing: Ezekiel Elliott, 10 carries, 52 yards
  • Pick up: Noah Brown, 5 grabs, 68 yards

Scoring summary

First Quarter
pirate 0-3 cowboys Brett Maher goal 51 yards
pirate 3-3 cowboys Ryan Sukop 44 yards field goal
pirate 6-3 cowboys Ryan Sukop 38 yards field goal
Second Quarter
pirate 9-3 cowboys Ryan Sukop 29 yards field goal
pirate 12-3 cowboys Ryan Sukop 47 yards field goal
Third quarter
pirate 19-3 cowboys Tom Brady’s five-yard pass from TD to Mike Evans (bonus point)

What was said… “A really surprising night”

Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones: “It was a very disappointing way for us to start the year. Everyone is disappointed with that. I am especially disappointed for our fans.

“Duck’s going to be out for a while. We’re going to deal with that too, so this is a really tough night for the Cowboys and a really surprising night. Of course, it really adds to it in the end for him to lose for several weeks.”

Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott: “Yes, it’s very disappointing, but injuries do happen. They can’t necessarily be controlled. Just unfortunate.

“Obviously I’m going to waste some time and not be there for my team. And that hurts more than anything, especially after the start we just put out. I want you to be able to respond and not necessarily have that chance for many weeks. Yeah, it’s a thing. A pity, but I will do what I have always done. Anytime adversity comes, take it, take it into account first and I will do my best and I am sure I will come out of this thing better.

What’s Next?

The first Monday night soccer game is available here, a revenge game with Russell Wilson returning to face the Seattle Seahawks.

The event is live on Sky Sports NFL from 1am on Tuesday, September 13th.

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September 13, 2022 at 1:00 a.m.

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Next on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a trip to the New Orleans Saints next Sunday at 6pm, as the Dallas Cowboys face the AFC champions the Cincinnati Bengals at home.

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