The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 finally made a tough choice – three years too late

The the current generation of consoles launched at the end of 2020. After weeks of both PlayStation and Xbox, both PlayStation and Xbox have given shiny new games for players to get their hands on (if they can in global pandemicThe long awaited RPG Cyberpunk 2077 movie issued. Packed with bugs and almost unplayable on last-generation consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game’s poor state requires developer CD Projekt Red to spend months of hard work after launch just to deliver Almost acceptable experience.

the games Expansion of the first story It scraps the last generation altogether, a decision that will create a better overall experience for DLC – but that’s the line that should have been drawn in the sand at least three years ago.

Tactical Espionage Action – titled Phantom LibertyThe upcoming Story expansion to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC in 2023 will see V and Johnny Silverhand showcase their new USA skins. CD Projekt Red describes it as a thrilling spy story, and by extension Kojima deserves name like Phantom LibertyIt aims to present a futuristic story of espionage in the lively world of Night City.

breathtaking actor Keanu Reeves He confirmed that he would return to voice the digital ghost of the rocker’s past, Johnny Silverhand.

The decision to abandon the last generation makes sense for many reasons. We’ve spent two years in the lifecycle of the current generation of consoles, and support for the last generation has become less important as more gamers move to the latest hardware. Even with supply chain problems and Rising prices Due to inflation, games will eventually need to leave PS4 and Xbox One behind. From a development point of view, sooner is always better.

Cyberpunk As a game, in the grand scheme of things, it was never meant for recent public consoles. At launch, the PC version performed impressively, making the world and systems of CD Projekt shine, but the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game were broken in a number of ways. Sony has stopped selling the game For months on the PlayStation Store due to poor performance.

I remember it when CD Projekt Red Announce a delay for Cyberpunk 2077 movie In October 2020, the announcement cited a wide range of platforms as the main reason: “The biggest challenge for us now is to ship the game on current generation, next generation and PC at the same time, which requires us to prepare and test 9 versions of it.” Maybe the lower versions could have been better from the start?

Ditch the last generation and focus on the current generation’s best-performing versions of Cyberpunk 2077 movie CD Projekt will be given a red color to deliver a more consistent experience on multiple versions because the new device can handle the load. Phantom Liberty They will be required to handle, unlike consoles of the last generation.

But this decision may not be enough to save Cyberpunk 2077 moviesince CD Projekt Red is already moving on to bigger things.

Expanded development on Cyberpunk 2077 has delayed many other projects.CD Projekt

A little too late – in youtube theme Commenting on the new expansion that I watched, fans hope this is the start of great things Cyberpunk 2077 movie They were disappointed when the game’s official account responded to it Phantom Liberty It is the only expansion planned for the game.

in 2021 earnings call As for the company, CEO Adam Kisinski stated that people can expect more updates and expansions after the release than Witcher 3.

evolution for Cyberpunk 2077 movie It has been longer than intended in many ways. plus files Delay On the game’s release date, the failure at launch required the development team to basically start full development again and spend months pushing for fix updates to the game. At the same time, promised post-launch content such as expansions and multiplayer have been put on the back burner or canceled altogether.

Witcher 3 It received two major expansions, with the last It starts just over a year after the release of the base game. Then the focus was on development Topic on Cyberpunk 2077 movie. if Phantom Liberty It was released in 2023, three years after the base game. During that time, CD Projekt Red also struggled to deliver the promised current generation version of Witcher 3 Production is ramped up on next one the witcher Game.

support for Cyberpunk 2077 movie It dwindles as CD Projekt Red focuses on other projects.CD Projekt

in Financial report For the company’s first half of 2022, CD Projekt Red has revealed a chart showing the current projects under development and the percentage the company is working on each. While development is currently focused on delivery Phantom LibertySupport for the core game has dropped to nearly 5 percent. Meanwhile, the development rate for the next Witcher game has risen to nearly 20 percent.

CD Projekt Red ready to go from Cyberpunk 2077 movieThe team actually spent more time than they wanted to. Phantom Liberty It would be a small consolation for the players, a last modest gift.