The different Founder’s Packs and how to claim them

Disney Dreamlight Valley will eventually be free, but its early access version must be purchased.

The game is scheduled to officially launch in 2023. Until then, players will have to purchase or download a founder’s pack through Xbox Game Pass to explore the valley.

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Three founder packages are available in different tiers. They each come at their own price and with their own bonuses, although one thing in common is that it grants access to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All Founder Packs for Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many bonuses and rewards for those who want to play Disney Dreamlight Valley early (Image via Gameloft)Offer different levels Bonus for players who want early access to Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is available in every system where the game can be played.

Digital systems and stores are:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Microsoft Store
  • X-Box
  • Epic Games Store
  • steam
  • Play Station
  • Coming soon to the Mac App Store

Founder’s packages are the same across all devices. There is a Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition that players can get.

Standard Edition

  • Early access to the game
  • 8000 moonstone
  • 2 wearable items
  • 9 decorative elements
  • 3 design motifs
  • It costs $29.99

Deluxe Edition

  • Early access to the game
  • 15,000 moonstone
  • All cosmetics of the standard edition
  • Celestial Sea Turtle Companion
  • 7 wearable items
  • 10 decorative items
  • 3 design motifs
  • Deluxe Jersey
  • Mickey Mouse headband
  • It costs $49.99

Final version

  • Early access to the game
  • 20,000 moonstones
  • All cosmetics of the standard edition
  • All cosmetics premium edition
  • Regal Fox’s animal companion
  • 4 wearable items
  • 15 pcs of decorations
  • 3 design motifs
  • Ultimate Jersey
  • Mickey Mouse headband
  • It costs $69.99

How to Claim Founder’s Pack Rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clearing Night Thorns will open the house and give access to the mailbox (Image via Gameloft)Disney Dreamlight Valley. Instead, they have to complete part of the story and then claim rewards.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Create an Avatar to start playing.
  • Watch the opening scene.
  • Complete the Tutorial Mission with Merlin. This requires players to eliminate Night Thorns and explore the game’s opening area.
  • Once completed, players will be able to reach their home in Dreamlight Valley. There is a mailbox outside the front door of that house.
  • Interact with the mailbox and search for the “Founder’s Pack” message.
  • Open the message and claim all rewards for the respective Founder’s Pack purchased.

Xbox Game Pass users will automatically get access to the Standard Edition If they decide to download Disney Dreamlight Valley. Other device owners need to spend some money to claim their rewards.

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When it comes to these bonuses, the game does not detail what purpose some of them are used for. The likes of moonstones and designs are rather important and can be used as:

  • moon stonesMoonstones are in-game currency. They unlock the premium track for Star Path, which is the game’s version of the Battle Pass. Special cosmetics and other rewards can be obtained by completing various quests and tasks that progress in the star path.
  • design motifs: Touch of Magic allows players to create custom cosmetics. Backpacks, headbands, T-shirts, and more can be customized in many colors, shapes, and trims. Each founder’s pack offers 3 design ideas to use with a touch of magic.

As mentioned earlier, a free version of the game comes with a full launch. However, those who don’t want to wait can grab the Founder’s Pack and play early and take advantage of Many rewards given with its purchase.

Edited by Rachel Semalyeh