The girl with the rarest teeth is born into the world and risks her life to change her mouth

A young woman came into the world with a strange anomaly GG Which makes it almost completely transparent. since childhood , Mihaly Olivia Grace Schlegel I was moved when I saw the look of his face and told him that he must face a lot of abuse. He also struggled with an eating disorder and took drastic steps to change his life.

And theI was born with transparent teeth and I want dentures at the age of 19; This is the best job ever‘, explained the teenager from the American city ClaremoreAnd the

Mihaly Olivia Grace Schlegel is popped by the look of her teeth but no one wants surgery.

As mentioned, the Oklahoma State girl revealed that some haters on social media told her “shark teethAnd the

On time, pancakes America He was born with osteoporosis and his dental problems are believed to be related to the disease.

And theSince my teeth started growing in, they have become so brittle that they are almost completely visible.Mihaly talks about her childhood.

suffer eat

Then, during the development, the girl assumed that her teeth would grow stronger. Unfortunately, it weakened over time and I was finding it difficult to eat.

“I got to the point where I was struggling to eat basic things like bread when I was 15.” He talks about his daily life with the strangest teeth in the world. so he said “People make bad faces when they smile”And the

“Sometimes he tries to turn it on, but as he gets older it becomes apparent”Mihaly explained:I try very hard to love my teeth because I know how expensive it is to do so. I stopped smiling, laughing, and even eating because of the pain.”And the

problems with your bones

When she was thirteen, she was encouraged to use dentures, although she was a bit afraid of the procedure. DentistsAnd the

And theSince I also suffer from osteoporosis, otherwise known as osteogenesis imperfecta, Doctors fear jaw fracture‘,” explains the Yankee teen.

In this case he said: “I’ve had 117 fractures, 36 surgeries and multiple rods placed/replaced in my bones and femur.And the

“I underwent IUD replacement, minor procedures, and multiple bone grafts in my knees and ankles due to my broken back.He continued to his bones.

An endless wait for the dentist

However, he had to wait five years for the dentist to agree to take on the most complex case he had done.

On December 8 last, Mihaly worked Oral and Maxillofacial SurgerySurgery, like dentistry, requires a great deal of knowledge in medicine.

“When I woke up from the surgery, I was laughing and crying because I was so shocked by what happened at the end.”He justified his opinion:It was like a dream come true.And the

And theBefore insurance, the cost of the surgery was $12,000, but after insurance, the cost was $9,500. Fortunately, my parents helped pay me, and I got into $500 college savings.He explained in detail about the dental procedure.

“The new teeth have benefited me in many ways. I can eat what I couldn’t before and feel beautiful when I smileshe said happily.