The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 lost its V8 and gained an electric motor – but it now has F1 technology and funny power

MERCEDES-AMG is known around the world for making cars that are fast, usually with a noisy V8 or V12 engine.

The Mercedes-AMG C 63 has always been associated with V8 power, but it has changed completely as Mercedes has been forced to go green.


The C-Class that leads the Merc range is known as the AMG C 63 SE PerformanceCredit: Mercedes-AMG

However, while the rumble of the V8 is no longer a thing, don’t think that the AMG C 63 has lost its power.

Not only is this new model faster than the C 63, it also has the world’s most powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

This gasoline engine, combined with a powerful F1 battery and electric motor, produces 680 horsepower – more than many supercars.

Although the C 63 now weighs 2.1 tons, that allows for an acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph with the correct options selected.

In hand, the upgraded AMG Composite brakes come as standard to help you get out of gear just as quickly.

All that power hits the road via a nine-speed automatic gearbox and a smart all-wheel drive system that can be told to send more power to the rear wheels in Drift mode.

The list of technology installed to make sure the C 63 is as quick around corners as it is in a straight line is mind-boggling.

There are now eight Drive Mode settings that change things like adaptive dampers, rear wheel steering, steering feel, throttle response and how brutal the gearbox is.

These settings also specify a combination of petrol and electric driving – although the new C 63 can only be driven up to 8 miles on electric alone, as the focus is on electric, which helps the engine produce more power.

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You will be able to charge the C 63’s F1-tech battery via a cable at home or outside.

Now known as the Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE Performance, this extra powerful hybrid is offered as a saloon or estate.

The standard Mercedes C-Class has been given a styling boost as the C 63, with bulging arches, more aggressive front and rear bumper designs and larger alloy wheels.

Inside, you’ll find character-hugging sports seats, an AMG multifunction sports steering wheel and Merc’s latest digital dial and infotainment system.

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There are no confirmed size numbers, but the C 63 estate will provide a more practical shoe for those who need it.

Mercedes also hasn’t confirmed pricing for the new C 63, but its superior power will likely come at the price of the supercar.

Expect prices to start north of £80,000 and continue beyond £100,000 once you’ve checked a few option boxes.

It's a hybrid vehicle with F1 battery technology and 680 crazy horses


It’s a hybrid vehicle with F1 battery technology and 680 crazy horsesCredit: Mercedes-AMG
A more robust design comes standard both inside and out


A more robust design comes standard both inside and outCredit: Mercedes-AMG
Mercedes' latest two-screen infotainment system is also standard


Mercedes’ latest two-screen infotainment system is also standardCredit: Mercedes-AMG
There will be a sedan, or a state-of-the-art version with a more practical tailgate


There will be a sedan, or a state-of-the-art version with a more practical tailgateCredit: Mercedes-AMG
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