The new Mercedes-AMG C63 ditches its V8 engine for a 2.0-liter 670-horsepower hybrid engine.


All-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, drift mode, electronic mode, and big carb weight. Do you still want the M3?

It’s a car with massive and great numbers, the new Mercedes-AMG C63. Take the power output: 680 metric horsepower (or 670 horsepower), and a tantalizing 752 pound-feet of torque. Welcome to a world where the Mercedes C-Class is more powerful than the Ferrari Enzo.

However, it will also achieve 34mpg and emit just 156g/km of CO2 – about the same as the Golf GTI. That’s because instead of a fancy V8, the C63 now has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and a F1-inspired hybrid boost under the perforated hood.

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Because that requires a battery and motors – and because Mercedes also grabbed technology like rear-wheel steering, adaptive suspension and all-wheel drive with only rear drift mode, not one but two Gearboxes… heavy. 2,115 kg heavy for salon. The estate has a total area of ​​2,145 kg – which is more than the Audi RS6. yuch.

Let’s tackle the powertrain first, because even if you’re pissed off at the demise of AMG’s impressive V8 proportions, the C63’s drivetrain is an incredible engineering feat.

80 percent of the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is moved from the hot hatch of the new A45 S. It is an electric motor for turbo storage. This is designed to eliminate turbo idling and increase output – meaning a relatively small engine making 460 horsepower. That’s the same amount you used to get from an old 6.2L V8…

Then the rear axle joins the party, with an electronic drivetrain and an integrated electronic limited-slip differential. It generates 201 horsepower, and gets through a two-speed transmission that automatically picks up at 13,500 rpm to give you another boost of boost. Installing it in the rear helps distribute weight, and means the nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox doesn’t rip, as if the electronic motor was on the engine crank.

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AMG claims that acceleration from 0 to 62 mph occurs in 3.4 seconds, and top speed is limited to 174 mph. Very fast, no doubt – but the current BMW M3 is just as fast, despite having “only” 503 horsepower.

What you can’t do is walk around without waking up the neighbors. C63 case. Its 6.1 kWh battery allows for a range of up to 13 kilometers with only electricity. Other C-Classes have much larger PHEV batteries, but AMG has ditched for a smaller battery here to save weight (a modest 89kg) and force you to use the different modes to get the best out of the system.

There’s a Race mode for when you fancy going wild, or you can save your electric wildcard and hit “Boost” to unleash all that instant punch for a brief moment of “Watch this!” the horror. Apparently, the C63 features many lessons learned in the tortured build of the AMG One supercar.

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So, here are the technical specifications. But the appearance – despite having more subcutaneous power than most Air Force Ones – is subtle. Not as powerful as the BMW M3, is it?

The front wheel arches are slightly bulging, and you get the familiar AMG Panamericana grille, some (fake) quad tubes and 20-inch rims. Carbon-ceramic brakes and a carbon skirt/spoiler package are optional.

Inside, there’s plenty of schporty graphics on the dual screens to marvel at when you’re done swearing at the touch-sensitive steering wheel controls. New switches in the lower wheel runners provide AMG-specific shortcuts for suspension, traction control, exhaust modes and powertrain.

You have up to four, yes, four energy harvesting brake recovery levels to choose from. We’re not sure, but a good 2.1-ton carp might be the instruction manual. Or maybe race engineer Lewis Hamilton is hiding in the glove box.

It will not be in the shoe. It’s compromised with the battery—a camper concern, especially with the BMW M3 Touring interior. But AMG insists a plug-in hybrid is the way to go – to reduce emissions, give the customer more power and more choice.

The right call? Something tells us that this is the most divisive new fast car of 2022. Stay tuned to see (and hear) what your riding experience will be like on October 6th…