The TGS 2022 First Scion trailer features firepower and capabilities

Nixon The First Descendant TGS 2022 promotion that showcases the game’s outrageous character abilities and style has been launched. It’s as if the Outriders merged with Destiny or something.

Check it out and enjoy the graphics, which is crazy considering this is a free game.

Here is the official game description via Steam:

The first descendant It is a free third-person interactive RPG shooter game with high quality graphics. Experience the fun of strategic boss battles with 4-player co-op, various unique characters, exciting fireworks and loot. A variety of equipment is necessary for growth, and you can get it by clearing in-game scenario missions or in World Missions where cooperation is critical and battles with big bosses.

The player becomes a descendant in the game and is assigned the task of fighting the invaders for the survival of humans and the protection of the Ingress Continent. The player can experience an amazing story by growing stronger through different missions and stories to finally discover the secret of descendants. You can also feel the unique atmosphere of First Descendant through high-quality realms developed with Unreal Engine 5 and gain a new experience of reality and SF fantasy coexisting in one place.

Charming and unique characters

You can play different characters with distinct concepts and fighting styles. We are planning to add different customizable items like skins for each character to support character decoration.

Exciting battles and dynamic action using different skills and firearms

Experience the exciting battles of First Descendant composed of different characters with unique skills, free moves, chainstay through hook hook, colorful firearms, and additional effects. With these, the player can create any battle style he desires.

Battles with huge monsters through cooperative play

You can target massive monsters with different appearances and abilities through 4-player co-op. Various difficulties will stimulate your competitive spirit, and you can destroy or extract different parts of the big bosses through 4-player co-op. By targeting the tricks of the mega boss, you will be able to experience a more compact multiplayer.

Stimulating play and growth

You can equip a character with 3 guns, 4 secondary equipment, and different sub-weapons. Of course, there will also be items to improve a character, their firearm stats, or add a new ability all together. A variety of equipment is a necessary item for growth, and you can get it by clearing in-game scenario missions, or in World Missions where cooperation is critical and battles with big bosses. We provide equipment so that you can continuously develop characters to play through character growth and acquire and combine different equipment. Use it to challenge yourself with more difficult tasks and enjoy the thrill of getting rid of them.

The game looks crazy good, but this is a free game, and this is a Nexon game, so we just have to wait and see how it all turns out. The First Descendant’s Steam beta is set to launch next month, so we should get a solid understanding of how it’s played and its economy.