‘Time to test myself’ – Richard Dunn emphasizes management’s interest – and doesn’t rule out Bohs’ job

Richard Dunn confirmed that he was interested in moving into management and refused to rule out the possibility of taking on the position of President of the Bohemians.

Oh has given a second round of interviews this week and the Ireland legend is in the frame alongside former AIK assistant in Stockholm Sean O’Shea and Wexford boss Ian Ryan, who also understood they were strong contenders for a position that attracted huge interest.

Dunn was asked about the story in Virgin Media’s United Nations League coverage and was shy when responding to the Bohs link before outlining his broader ambitions.

“There’s not much to say, it’s speculation, it’s not the worst story I’ve heard about myself, it’s one of those things, it happens, ex-international players relate to things from time to time,” Dunn said, with a smile.

“For the past six or seven years I’ve been coaching (at youth level) in France and England, I’ve earned my coaching badges. I just finished my Pro license, so it’s time to try and test myself at a higher level. If it happens Something I would be interested in.”

When asked to explain what might attract him, the 43-year-old said: “Something that is challenging, a good project, a team that wants to be progressive and move forward, something like that you can influence and make a difference in… It’s something that might appeal to him. Mine “.

Dunn completed his professional license via IFA in Belfast earlier this year.

However, there is stiff competition for the role of Bohs, and O’Shea, an experienced coach born in Huddersfield to Irish parents, is now seen as a serious candidate.

O’Shea turns 40 this year, but stopped playing at the age of 21 to focus on his training education, working in Dubai for several years before spending time with Tromsø in Norway, the Academy in Huddersfield and then another stint in Dubai running training camps before spending time with with Tromsø in Norway. He moved to AIK Stockholm where he worked as an assistant coach at first team level.

He left there at the end of last year and came back to work in Dubai again later.

O’Shea has been doing his Pro license through FAI, and while he lacks experience at the League of Ireland level, it’s understandable that he’s looking at making a behind-the-scenes team with some Bohs experience.

Ryan, who was linked with a Waterford job earlier this year, is seen as someone to watch in LOI circles. It is in the same Pro licensing cycle as O’Shea. Ryan (35) earned respect in-game for his work with Wexford as his former Bohs left full. Lorcan Fitzgerald is his assistant.

Caretaker chief Derek Bender has support within the club, but his lack of coaching qualifications is a clear stumbling block. It is possible that he will remain on the first team crew for the purpose of continuity even if he is absent from the job – although that will depend on the final decision.

Former Dundalk boss Vinnie Perth is among a long list of names that have applied. One-time runner-up Stephen Kenny also has a strong relationship with Dunn.

Irish Independent I reported last month that U-21 coach Jim Crawford was on Bohs’ radar with no move on his contract, but expectations are that he will remain in his current role.