TLT wins decarbonization project brief

Alexandra Holgrove-Jones

British law firm TLT has embarked on a new project to determine how climate-compliant contract clauses will be used in built environment projects to combat climate change throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

The commercial law firm has won a competitive briefing to support the Chancery Lane Project (TCLP), the world’s largest collaboration between law firms and attorneys dedicated to using climate clauses to combat climate change.

Between September and November 2022, a multidisciplinary team of lawyers from across the firm, including Northern Ireland, will conduct a comprehensive review of where net zero can be used to reduce carbon emissions, and produce an easy-to-use interactive contract map.

The project draws on a number of areas of expertise, including planning, construction, commercial and residential development, real estate finance, procurement and staffing.

The points of intervention highlighted in the nodes map will help the TCLP determine where it needs to focus its energies as part of the built environment project, for which TLT sits on an advisory committee.

The project recognizes the urgent need to decarbonize the built environment as one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and will expedite the publication of climate-compliant contract clauses that are freely available on the TCLP website for anyone to adapt and use.

The interactive map will also help real estate practitioners – from in-house lawyers to surveyors – to quickly and easily see larger opportunities, and how the law can be leveraged to address decarbonization and achieve their sustainability goals.

TCLP is a global network of 2,600 lawyers from 330 organizations across 113 countries. They work together to create clauses that are ready for inclusion in precedents and trade agreements, to deliver climate solutions. All items are reviewed by colleagues.

“The built environment is a huge priority for us. That’s why we created the Built Environment Project to give it the attention and resources it deserves,” said Becky Klesman, Managing Director of TCLP.

“TLT has always been an active participant in the TCLP movement, and a huge supporter of our work, which is a wonderful support for us. TLT has the breadth and depth of experience to support us in this important piece of the puzzle.”

Alexandra Holsgrove-Jones, Senior Knowledge Counsel at TLT, said: “There is huge potential for innovative and practical contract clauses to make a big difference in the real estate industry. By creating an interactive contract map, we hope to make it really easy to identify where net zero intervention is needed, now and in The future, and what that might look like.

“The Chancery Lane Project is an important initiative, and we look forward to finding more ways to ensure these clauses actually make their way into precedents and trade agreements, especially at the introduction stage.”