‘Very disappointed’ – Anfield small company explains the impact of the postponement – Liverpool FC

Small businesses in the Liverpool and Anfield regions have demonstrated the negative impact of Premier LeagueThe decision to cancel the matches this weekend will be up to their companies.

On Friday morning, with just over 24 hours’ notice, a . file was released Premier League Announced that all ten matches of the weekend, including the match between Liverpool and Wolvesas a “sign of respect” for the Queen, who passed away on Thursday.

Some fans doubt The decision to cancel matches at such short notice, citing its impact on hundreds of thousands of people who spent money arranging travel and tickets during a financial crisis.

Small businesses will also be hit hard, as local businesses rely on the income they make around weekend sporting events.

One of the most prominent small businesses in the Anfield area, Homebaked is a non-profit, community-owned bakery that does much of its main business on match days.

Before Premier League They announced their decision, Homebaked posted Tweet Explaining why they did not want to postpone the matches.

After the news that the Liverpool match Wolves Not going forward, the local Anfield company published a statement expressing their disappointment with Premier LeagueThe decision to cancel the last round of matches.

“We are very disappointed that tomorrow’s match has been postponed in such a short time, but I respect the decision taken in light of a very sensitive moment for the majority of people in the country,” Homebaked statement read.

“As we said earlier, the impact of canceling the game at this late stage is much more than just a win/loss for us, our employees and other local businesses — especially at this moment in time more than ever with the cost of living crisis we find ourselves in.

“Not only the above, but the generous donations on match day help support the great work that fans supporting food banks are doing in order to try to reduce the food poverty we face in our city.

“But we emphasize once again that we understand that the decision was made with sympathy and respect and we only hope now that Tuesday’s match against Ajax can continue as planned.

“The Homebaked bakery will be open tomorrow from 8:30 in the morning as usual and our cafe in St George’s Hall is open from 9 in the morning as usual as well.

“If you’re still in the local area or downtown, please be sure to come in and buy a pie!

“Thank you.”

Another local company to express their disappointment was Red All Over The Land, the last remaining print fan linked to Liverpool FC.

Copies are selling for £2 across Anfield on match day, which is not possible this weekend.

Apart from football, many other sporting events are taking place as planned, making Premier LeagueMore confusing decision.

It’s not just about the game being played on the field.