“Wait, what is f**k?” – Mazkaf was left stunned after he watched a video clip showing him and Amiru that gained 163 million views

Twitch star MatthewMizkif” He was baffled after discovering that a YouTube short featuring him and fellow Twitch content producer Emily “Amiri” had garnered more than 163 million views on the platform.

Before his first show IRL lesson gameshow, which features online notables like Bonnie, Zoil, Simply and Emiru, Mazkief wanted to know the number of views for his clip and playing Emiriu. Super Mario 64 owed.

His reaction after seeing the number of views was:

“My prince beats me up in Mario 64? How much is this clip nowadays?” Mizkif Emiru Mario 64, “Let’s see. Clip? Bro, why does this have 163 million views? Why? Wait, what is f**k?!”

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Mizkif became speechless after watching the Super Mario 64 clip in which he appeared and Amiru got 163 million views

Earlier today, Matthew hosted a five-and-a-half-hour livestream, during which he hosted the IRL version of his popular game show, Studied!

At the 35-minute mark, he took the opportunity to present the game show to his viewers, but before that, he wanted to see how a viral clip on YouTube performed.

The One True King (OTK) The co-founder was at a loss for words after researching the clip on YouTube, seeing that the YouTube Short video had over 163 million views.

He wondered if the person who uploaded the clip had made any money from it. inquire:

“Do you guys think this guy made any money from this? What’s not to make, shorts, a lot of money, but 163 million, he should’ve made something! A hundred dollars? Hey, that’s pretty good money! I mean, no I mind when anyone ever…”

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I watched the short clip on the stream, and read some of the comments. He was stunned again when he saw that the top comment got more than 99,000 likes. Hoot:

“Let’s see what, this comment has 99,000 likes! Holy s**t! Comment has 99,000 likes! Jesus Christ!”

The twitch star He read some of the comments out loud and gave his opinion on the same topic:

“That’s because she’s channeling the power of the ’90s with that rune on her shirt, ‘Yes, it really is; This does not deserve 99,000 likes. “This isn’t even the default. You vow to destroy his soul,” you just copied this guy (comment with 99K likes), and it failed. “

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Fans react to the broadcast

The YouTube comments section included quite a few fan comments. Some viewers have mentioned that YouTube Short is “powerful”, and that it always gets “100 times” more views than regular videos:

Fans in the YouTube comment section discuss the YouTube short videos (Image via Today Today / YouTube)Fans in the YouTube comments section react to the live broadcast (Image via Today Today / YouTube)

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