Walsh and Manion meet for 0-9 as Champion Kilmacaud Crooks advances

Kilmacode Crocs 0-14

I heard 1-9

Shane Walsh and Paul Manion reunited for a 0-9 match at Parnell Park this evening as defending champion Kilmachoud Crooks advanced to the semi-finals of the Dublin Seniors Championships with a slim victory over Koala.

After Mannion broke the deadlock by scoring with his left foot, Crocs cornerback Dan O’Brien and Dublin senior striker Con O’Callaghan exchanged points in quick succession. Although Dara Mullin split the positions from last season’s All-Ireland finalists, Luke Keating and O’Callaghan (’45’) did the same to bring Koala back to par.

Crocs created Daylight again with back-to-back efforts from Craig Dias and Mannion, before a designer koala made its debut thanks to the unanswered efforts of Niall James, Keating and Con O’Callaghan.

Conor Mulally also found the target in response to Mannion’s third point, but Dalkey’s Austin O’Malley’s men were ultimately nowhere near the break. On his debut for Stillorgan, star Galway Walsh hit two free-balls to give Crokes a slim 0-8 to 0-7 buffer point.

The Footballer of the Year nominee increased his tally at the start of the second half with a 38-minute pass, but Con O’Callaghan’s fourth point (nominated for the same award in 2019) ensured Koala stayed in touch.

While Mannion scored a notch from his right shortly before being pulled over due to injury, O’Callaghan’s brother Niall poked the net in the 46th minute to spark a Koala challenge.

Mannion leaves the field injured.

Source: Laszlo Geczo / INPHO

However, Crocs dug deep in Manion’s absence, with four points on the recoil of Mullen, Walsh (two points) and substitute Shane Cunningham, giving them a chokehold before James’ late song for Koala.

Director Robbie Brennan was hoping for a speedy recovery for Mannion afterward, telling RTÉ that he appeared to have a “low-grade sprain” in his ankle.

Kilmacud Crokes scorers: Shane Walsh 0-5 (3F, 1 mark), Paul Manion 0-4 (1F), Dara Mullen 0-2, Dan O’Brien, Craig Dias, Shane Cunningham 0-1 each.

Top scorers for Koala: Conor O’Callaghan 0-4 (1 and 1′ 45), Niall O’Callaghan 1-0, Luke Keating (centre), Niall James 0-2 each, Conor Mulally 0-1.

Kilmacaud Crocs

1. Conor Ferris

2. Michelle Mullen, 3. Theo Clancy, 4. Dan O’Brien

7. Andrew McGowan, 6. Rory O’Carroll, 5. Cillian O’Shea

8. Ben Shovlin, 9. Craig Dias

12. Aidan Jones, 11. Paul Manion, 10. Tom Fox

13. Hugh Kinney, 14. Dara Mullen, 15. Shane Walsh


21. Shane Cunningham for Fox (39)

18 – Sean O’Connor for Manion (47)

19. Shane Horan for Jones (52)

17. Ross McGowan for Clancy (54)

20. Conor Casey for Kenny (58)

he heard

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3. Michael Fitzsimmons, 2. David Sheeren, 4. Luke Tracy

5. David O’Dowd, 6. Michael Conroy, 7. Conor Mulally

8. Peter O’Coffee Byrne 9. Peter Duffy

10. Cal Doran, 14. Daraj Spillane, 12. Niall James

13. Luke Keating, 15. Niall O’Callaghan, 11. Con O’Callaghan


20. Ewen Kennedy for Conroy (55)

22. James Power on Doran (55)

18. John Fitzsimmons for Spillane (63)

23. Conor O’Brien, Tracey (63).

Rule: Seamus Farrelly.