What is a dynamic island? iPhone 14 Pro feature explained

Apple has turned the unpopular iPhone notch into a versatile new feature, thanks to an intricate display called Dynamic Island. Here’s everything you need to know about the new addition.

Feature that works in conjunction with a file iPhone 14 ProExclusive A16 Bionic chip, self-explanatory. One of the biggest changes to the latest flagship smartphones from Apple.

It’s an island at the top of the iPhone screen and it’s very dynamic in the way you interact with other functions on the iPhone – whether it’s alerts, notifications, or activities.

What does Dynamic Island do?

The feature is designed to display useful information, such as when the AirPods are connected, or when the device is charging. An album thumbnail from Apple Music will appear, appearing when you access Apple Pay, or when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

These icons appear as enlargements on either side of the sensors, and thanks to the way the pixels match the black sensors, the animations look impressively smooth.

However, Dynamic Island could also expand on the iPhone 14 Pro’s wider screen. Incoming calls and a running stopwatch are shown in a banner extending from the sensors, for example.

If you’re unlocking an app or using Apple Pay, the Face ID indicator also drops from Dynamic Island instead of appearing in the center of the screen.

Dynamic Island is also interactive, so you can click on it to expand. For example, if you want to check your AirPods battery, or stop audio recording. Running activities such as map directions or sports scores can also be expanded with a simple tap and hold.

When you’re done, if you swipe up to dismiss an Apple Music album art for example, the activity will return as an icon to Dynamic Island.

Apple is also inviting third-party apps to participate as well, which means you’ll be able to interact with Lyft’s pending ride, as just one example. These work in tandem with the Live Activities API that will arrive later in 2022.

What apps support Dynamic Island?

Apple showed off a few of them during the event, but they won’t be the exclusive list. This is what we’ve seen so far:

  • phone
  • Music
  • maps
  • wallet
  • voice memos
  • Wall Clock
  • Lift

In terms of other features, you’ll see headphone connectivity (maybe just AirPods), Do Not Disturb Mode, Silent Mode, Charging Status, and more. It will also display the sports scores of your favorite teams with team badges on both sides of the sensors.

How does Dynamic Island work?

All of this is made possible thanks to hardware changes inside the iPhone 14 Pro and it has two components: First, the screen design itself is key. The position of the aperture has moved and looks much neater, while the proximity sensors have moved behind the screen – the first time Apple has done this. Secondly, this is possible (and exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models) due to the presence of the A16 Bionic chip.

What phones support Dynamic Island?

The new dynamic island is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro And the iPhone 14 Pro Max is made possible by the new placement of the front camera and Face ID sensors, which are now integrated into the display, rather than a piece carved from the top of the phone.