WhatsApp Beta tests search history on iOS and gets an animated orange heart on Android

Currently one of the most important instant contacts, WhatsApp is gradually including new features to make its use more practical and efficient, often betting on copying features already seen in competing applications such as Telegram.

One of the most recent examples of this movement (which follows after we see here a new shortcut for cameras and improvements to saving temporary messages) was made by the folks at WABetaInfo in the WhatsApp beta for iOS that was made available on TestFlight yesterday (09/09) and on WhatsApp beta for Android today (09/10).

According to information from the website specialized in WhatsApp, the latest new for iOS from the Meta instant communication program is to search for messages by date, thus speeding up the location of the information when the user remembers exactly the time of sending.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, when you select search, the app also displays a calendar icon on top of the keyboard. Upon tap, the keyboard gives way to the circular calendar (something traditional for iOS), allowing the user to select the day, month, and year of the message’s location.

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In the Android version, which is identified as WhatsApp beta v2.22.20.6, the new reason is due to the inclusion of the mobile version of orange heartafter implementation started in version where the red heart has been animated.

With this said, users of this version will also see the orange heart in a large size, as can be seen below which was left out in previous WhatsApp updates.

As mentioned, both applications are associated with beta versions of WhatsApp on iOS and Android, and the news in question is expected to be implemented in future updates for users of stable distributions, something that, as always, does not have an accurate forecast.

So, what do you think of the news? Tell us in the comments!

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