Yamaha and Toyota collaborate to develop hydrogen engines

Yamaha and Toyota have had a history of collaborative efforts in the past, and the two Japanese industry leaders seem to be looking to maintain good relations with each other for the foreseeable future. Many car and bike lovers will be familiar with the Lexus LFA, the superb sports car with a resonant V10 engine developed by Yamaha.

Well, in the latest news, Yamaha and Toyota will once again collaborate on a project focused on sustainability and performance – two factors that seem to conflict with each other when it comes to the future of transportation. To that end, Toyota Motor Corporation has awarded a contract to Yamaha Motor Company to build a 5.0-liter V8 for automobiles powered only by hydrogen. Toyota and other auto-related companies in Japan are about to start working together to increase the diversity of fuel options for internal combustion engines.

In fact, hydrogen-powered vehicles are nothing new, but the technology surrounding them is advancing at a rapid pace. “We are working to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” Yamaha Motor President Yoshihiro Hideka explained in the company’s official press release. “At the same time, the word ‘Motor’ is in the name of our company, and therefore we have a strong passion and level of commitment to the internal combustion engine.” Hidaka emphasized the company’s commitment to developing the industry’s best engines.

In November 2021, major stakeholders in the automotive and motorcycle sectors announced a joint research on potential strategies for scaling up fuel sources for internal combustion engines in order to achieve carbon neutrality. This business included Yamaha, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. At the same time as the announcement, the audience was introduced to the V8 hydrogen engine, which Yamaha developed for Toyota.

Aside from the world of high-performance cars, Yamaha and Toyota’s hydrogen-focused initiatives are also focused on the off-road space, and Yamaha and Toyota’s hydrogen engine could soon find its way into an off-road-focused recreational vehicle such as a UTV. In a recent article published by the Italian Motorcycle magazine motorbike ridingIt has been speculated that a hydrogen-powered engine could feature in what Toyota calls the ROV concept. In more detail, Toyota’s event went so far as to describe the ROV concept as “the first four-wheeled recreational vehicle powered by a Lexus hydrogen engine.”

Meanwhile, in the motorcycle world, Yamaha and Kawasaki It has also joined forces and taken the lead when it comes to hydrogen engines. While no details have emerged about any collaborative models between Teams Blue and Green yet, both brands have already expressed their intentions to switch to green and adopt more sustainable manufacturing processes in the near future. Additionally, both brands have invested heavily in research and development regarding alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, as well as electric vehicles.