YouTube adds new vertical video conversion elements as it transforms into a short video

YouTube is looking to help advertisers stay in line with evolving video consumption trends by testing a new process Reformat automatically Horizontal video ads in square or vertical playbackin relation to how each user consumes the content.

As you can see in this example, the process will match the presentation of your presentation based on how each person interacts with the content, creating a more vibrant and fluid experience.

as explained Youtube:

“The machine learning model detects important elements in a horizontal ad – such as faces, key objects, logos, text and movement – ​​and divides the video into distinct ‘scenes’. This ensures that important elements appear correctly – centered, for example – in the reformatted video.

This may make it easier for marketers to align with usage trends, in particular, YouTube shorts, which have seen a sprawl Big jump in usage this year.

“We found that when advertisers added vertical creative assets to their video action campaigns, they generated 10-20% more conversions per dollar on YouTube Short than campaigns using landscape assets alone.

Short video is the trend right now, and this may make it easier for brands to fit in with this shift, with minimal editing effort. YouTube says that this option is currently available for App campaigns, and will soon be rolling out to Video Action and Performance Max campaigns.

In addition, YouTube also adds some new features, Customizable vertical video ad templates in Google Ads Video Builder.

Simplified templates provide another way to create YouTube ads based on engaging presentation styles.

“These new templates follow YouTube’s creative best practices, and have been designed with specific considerations for a vertical viewing environment, with speed, tracks and transitions designed to make an impact.”

Youtube added too Some additional auto-generated ad templates, which provide a way to create vertical videos based on text and image entries.

And even further aligning with the vertical transformation of the video, YouTube also Updated vertical video thumbnail view In app, to make vertical clips look better while streaming.

YouTube vVOD Presentation

according to Youtube:

“While vVODS represents only a small percentage of videos, it has so far created an inconsistent viewing experience for users browsing the homepage, as blank black spaces appear on both sides of the video, making it more difficult for viewers to assess and engage with content they are interested in.” .

As you can see in the image on the right side above, YouTube will now offer vertical clips without black bars, creating more consistency while streaming.

It may also mean some changes to your mini presentation:

“While we previously encouraged creators to optimize 16:9 thumbnails in videos, in the new, more comprehensive experience, vVODS thumbnails will now automatically adjust to a 4:5 aspect ratio, resulting in some 16:9 thumbnails. To look like a cropped.”

It’s worth noting that while YouTube also says, in early trials, creators saw a “modest improvement” in views and watch time as a result of this format change.

Better display options in line with emerging trends. while at the same time, YouTube is also experimenting with ways to do this Push more ads to clips.

Much more – In fact, some users have reported watching up to 10 non-skippable ads simultaneously in single clips.

Youtube ads example

YouTube said that these Bumper ads It’s only 6 seconds long, max, so the imposition shouldn’t be too big. But nevertheless, I would like to question the effectiveness of the ads being obfuscated in these groups, which users are likely to tune into very quickly.

It’s interesting to see how TikTok’s impact has changed video consumption behavior more broadly, and how Meta and YouTube are keeping pace.

shorts became a Big Winner on YouTubeAnd, as such, it makes sense for it to build on the elements of its short serving, but it will be interesting to see how that fits in with user behavior – and how these new ad serving options work in the YouTube environment.