YouTube shows up to 10 non-skippable ads on a video

Ads have infiltrated the YouTube viewing experience over the years as a way to maintain the platform and financially support creators. Now, though, YouTube really seems to be pushing the limits with ads, showing up to 10 non-skippable ads during one break.

Modernization: In a statement to 9to5GoogleYouTube provided more context about this increase in ads. See below for more.

Ad breaks on YouTube videos usually appear before the video starts and, if permitted by the creator, during that video. Generally, these breaks can last a few seconds or last a few minutes, but longer ads usually come with the option to skip this ad after a specified period.

Over the past month or two, some YouTube viewers have noticed that ads on the platform are expanding exponentially in both length and quantity, especially in non-skippable formats.

multiple threads on reddit Highlight that ad breaks in long videos occur more frequently every few minutes. Equally coarse, if not worse, is the slight increase in reports of users seeing more non-skippable ads during ad breaks on YouTube. Topics on RedditAnd the Beside More recent tweetsDisplay ad breaks with up to 10 consecutive unskippable ads.

This doesn’t seem to happen with all videos or even all viewers, but it seems that these long breaks have become more and more common lately. More than watching 10 ads is that users see about five ads in each break.

The good news? These ads are not excellent long. From what we’ve been able to see from user reports, these ads are pretty much no longer than five or six seconds each, which means that even an ad break with 10 non-skippable ads would only be about 60 seconds.

YouTube has not acknowledged any meaningful increase in ads on the platform, but the Twitter account “TeamYouTube” did not answer To one user’s complaint, saying that they are considered “small sticker ads”, a format that appears at the beginning of videos and displays a few of these very brief ads.

Update 9/16: A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to 9to5Google That these expanded “ad sets” that displayed an expanded number of ads were part of a “mini-experiment” that has since ended.

At YouTube, we focus on helping brands connect with audiences around the world, and we’re always testing new ways to show ads that enhance the viewer’s experience. We ran a small, worldwide experiment that displayed multiple ads in an ad room when viewers watched longer videos on connected TVs. The goal is to build a better experience for viewers by reducing ad breaks. We are done with this little experiment.

The company also explained that ad pods were originally introduced in 2018, albeit in smaller numbers, in an effort to show the required number of ads without interrupting equally long videos. YouTube reiterates that user experience remains a top priority, and reducing ad breaks is part of that goal.

However, this appears to be a significant increase in the number of advertisers that viewers end up seeing during ad breaks, and this is clearly not fun for anyone. Are you seeing more ads on YouTube lately? did i push you to premium payment Or restrict your use of the platform entirely? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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